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Daman and Diu, Popular Goa Excursions

Daman and Diu Daman and Diu the second smallest Union Territory of India, located in the west coast. Daman and Diu are two separate areas, situated within the state of Gujarat. A place known for its Portuguese history and serene beaches, Daman and Diu is a favorite excursion from Goa for people who are in love with nature and serenity.
Daman & Diu were part of the Portuguese territories in India, and joined the Indian Union in 1961. Goa, Daman & Diu were part of a single Union Territory till 1987 when Goa became a separate state. Daman and Diu ensures lot of peace and tranquility with several picturesque sights both natural and manmade. Daman and Diu is also known as the paradise destination for honeymooners from around the world.

Daman : Daman is situated on the west coast of India on the Arabian Sea. Daman is divided by the Damanganga River into two parts. It is known for its twin forts the Moti Daman and the Nani Daman. Moti Daman has wide streets, a 17th-century church the Se Cathedral and a lighthouse. Nani Daman has the Church of Our Lady of Rosary and a fishing village nearby. Near the river is an 18th-century Jain Temple with murals. In Dabhel village is the important Somnath Mahadev Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Devka Beach and Jampore beach are also tourist spots. Daman can boast of a rich and multi - faced cultural heritage. Dance and Music are very much part of the daily life of Damanite. Here is a true fusion of cultures - tribal, urban, European and Indian. This ornate amalgam is reflected in the traditional dances of Daman.

Places of Interest in Daman : Fort, Moti Daman; Fort, Nani Daman; Light House (in Moti Daman Fort), Bom Jesus Church and Our Lady of Rosary Chapel (inside fort, Moti Daman fort) Our lady of Sea Church (inside Nani Daman fort), Hilsa Aquarium, Kachigam Water Tank, Nani Daman; Hathi Park, Moti Daman; Bridge Side Garden, Nani/Moti Daman; Municipal Children Park, Nani Daman.

Beaches in Daman : Devika Beach 4 km, Near Devka Colony, Nani Daman, Jampore Beach 6 km, Near Jampore Village, Moti Daman.

Dui : Dui is well known as an island of breeze and beauty. The island of Diu, an erstwhile Portuguese colony, is situated off the Saurashtra coast of Gujarat bordering Junagadh district. It is an exquisitely beautiful getaway with golden sand beaches, dense palm-groves and historical monuments sans commercial exploitation and environmental degradation. Diu stands out, in marked contrast to other places, as a tiny island. Chassi is its main river. To the east of the town of Diu is the Diu Fort, right on the coast. The Panikotha (Water House) is a smaller fortress and accessible by boat. Gangeshwar Temple is dedicated to Shiva. The churches of St. Paul and St. Francis of Assisi are located at the Jallandhar Beach. The Nagoa Beach is a fine beach and so named because of its horseshoe shape. Diu is also noted for its birdlife including blue rock pigeon, doves and parrots. During the cooler months from August till February many migratory birds also visit the island.

Places Of Interest in Diu : Diu Fort (1 km), Forte do Mar (1 km), Gupta Prayag at Delwada (9 km), Gangeshwar Temple (5 km), Nagao Beach (9 km). Shaking Tower at Delwada (9 km).
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Hotels In Daman and Diu

Dariya Darshan Hotel    
Dariya Darshan Hotel Dariya Darshan Hotel welcomes you in Daman.Dariya Darshan Hotel is Situated at Devka Beach facing towards The Charming Arabian Sea. It is a perfect spot with natural beauty and breeze.
INR 2,500.00
USD 53.32
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Radhika Beach Resort    
Radhika Beach Resort Welcome to Radhika Beach Resort - a getaway to sun, sand and surf. An oasis of verdant greenery, cool waters and stylish living. Located in the very picturesque seaside town of Diu.
INR 2,430.00
USD 54.40
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Sugati Beach Resort    
Sugati Beach Resort Sugati Beach Resort, formerly known as Suzlon Beach Hotel has a unique location advantage that none other hotels in Diu has. It is situated right at the doorstep of Ghoghla Beach, one of the finest beaches in Diu Union Territory.
INR 1,500.00
USD 32.00
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