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Celebrate Popular Carnivals & Festivals in Goa

Goa is ranked amongst the top happening places around the world where events and festivals are being celebrated throughout the year. People of Goa love to enjoy life by partying and celebrating around the year. Goa is a blend of diverse cultures, providing it a cosmopolitan touch where people love to celebrate all religious occasions. Goan festivals and carnivals are celebrated with lots of singing and dancing and has become a part of their lives.

Popular Fairs & Festivals in Goa

Bonderam Festival: This festival is celebrated at Divar Island, 12-km from Panjim on the fourth of August every year. During this festival a “Fotash” mock fight is organized between rival groups to knock down an offending flag.

Feast of Three Kings: This festival is being celebrated by both Christians & Hindus. During this festival The Lady of the Mount is covered with jewelry as a mark of respect for favors and blessings received. High mass is offered on this day with lots of fun and partying.

Food & Cultural Festival of Goa: This festival is celebrated annually for a period of five days to provide an insight into the diverse culture of Goa. This festival is held on the popular beaches of Goa where housewives and hotels take part by preparing Goan delicacies.

Goa Carnival: This carnival is celebrated non-stop for three days where there is lots of dance, song and music. Young and old celebrate the carnival with lots of enthusiasm and happiness. The atmosphere at this carnival is electric with all around fun & frolic from the beginning till the end.

Sao Joao Festival: This festival is observed all over Goa on the 24th of June as a feast of St. John the Baptist. On this day newly wed son-in-law celebrate at the house of their mother-in-law’s. The whole day passes on with lots of fun and festivities.