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Magnificent Goa Forts - Goa Heritage Sites

If you have a feeling that Goa is only about beaches, wine, music & fun, then you surely need to refresh your memory. There is much more to experience in this thin strip of land with a significant Portuguese connection. The complete terrain of Goa is dotted with remnants of history in the form of magnificent forts, beautiful churches & other heritage sites.

Goa is the perfect destination for adventure lovers & a haven for genuine history seekers. There is nothing like the pleasure of scaling a Goan Fort to catch a glimpse of the sun setting across the horizon or to enjoy the scenic expanse of the Arabian Sea. Whether it is the Cabo da Rama Fort in south or the Tiracol Fort in north, each of these forts stand as mute testimony to Goa’s golden past. The forts that were once constructed to guard the entry to the port have now turned into ruins with a glimpse of their original magnificence visible only in bits & pieces.

Though most of these forts have fallen to ruins, some forts like Tiracol Fort & Fort Aguada have been restored to serve as a heritage hotel or beach resort. The Cabo Palace has also been renovated to serve as the official residence of the Governor of Goa.

Though smaller in size than the typical Indian forts, these architectural marvels are narrative of the strong rule & architectural excellence of the Portuguese. Strategically placed across the landscape of Goa, these forts form a significant part of Goa’s architectural heritage.

Forts of Goa :

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